Therapeutic & Medical Massage

Mar 14, 2020
Fabulous and relaxing!

"I encourage you to go here for healing recovery and relaxation. Shannon is wonderful! I have been going every month for over a year."

Mar 13, 2020
Colleen massage therapist

Excellent massage every time. Colleen has helped me with lymphedema and back issues and focuses on the areas that will help. She is extremely knowledgable and has helped me to understand the things I can do to improve my particular issues."

Feb 16, 2020
Maura H
Hot Stone Massage with Shannon

"Oh, this felt so good on a cold winter day! Shannon is amazing! She always starts by asking how I am feeling and if there are any areas to focus on. The space is very relaxing and filled with positive energy. The massage was wonderful, and I walked out feeling so much better. The hot stone massage helped me to detox, relax, and reduce the inflammation from my arthritis. Thanks so much Shannon!"

Feb 25, 2020
Relaxation at its finest!

"My massage was so relaxing causing tension releases! It was heaven! Colleen has a special gift and knows how to use it! Amazing feel the benefits for days after."

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Feb 6, 2020
Mary H
Felt so much better!

"I've got arthritis in my knees, hands and shoulders and have found massage so helpful! Shannon listened to me about my issues and really helped reduce my inflammation. Slept like a baby that night. Already scheduled my next appts, can't wait 😊"

Feb 19, 2020
Hilarie Dahl

"Went for an MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) massage with Colleen Young. It was some of the best bodywork I’ve ever experienced. Deep, deep gratitude for the skill, attention, and care Colleen brings to her work."


Mar 4, 2020
Brenda Delaney
Helps work out the knots

"Colleen helps with my chronic neck and shoulder muscle tightness and knots. She is gentle but effective, and has taught me several techniques to do at home to prevent and relieve pain. She is very professional and friendly, and the office is very relaxing."

Feb 11, 2020
David Perlee

"Colleen did a great job. She was able to loosen my very tight muscles relieving some of my pain. I highly recommend."

Apr 6, 2020
Carol F

"I have been with colleen for so many years and she has showed me what I need to do if in a pinch.....which we are....I have kept up on my problems thants to colleen. nothing is better then colleen doing it 100 percent perfect... and being able to get into the problems.. but I will say,.. that what colleens has showed me,..ive been able to keep up part of my feeling much better. I so cant wait until I can come back to colleen again......stay safe everybody.."

Mar 19, 2020
Stephanie B
Amazing space and services

"I first went for my leg after relearning how to walk from a broken ankle; my thigh and hip were always in pain, I thought this was my new normal. My father gifted me my first 30 min session, to make me stop complaining. I thought my leg was gonna hurt everyday until I die, but no, Colleen got 10 knots out of my leg and I was pain-free. I work a job were 10,000 steps is easy to get in a day; I go to Mantra 6 times a year now for maintenance."

Jan 31, 2020
james mcgivern

"I received a massages from Shannon to help me with my anxiety and stress. Shannon talked with me and after a couple minutes I was totally relaxed and on my way to getting rid of stress. My neck was my key point and it felt great when I left."

Feb 26, 2020
Brilliant as always

"Colleen has magic hands. She knows her stuff. And she's strong! She worked on a bothersome knot this time and it feels so much better. Best massages I've ever had."